Training Overview

We all face challenges in our family relationships at times but sometimes these difficulties can be hard to overcome alone. If you know people who are struggling to cope and you’re not always sure how to help them, then providing a Families Connecting service could be the answer.

MDCFT offers training for those who want to set up Families Connecting in their own area. The service can be run in a wide variety of settings such as schools, GP surgeries, children’s centres, churches or businesses.

To run a Families Connecting service you’ll need to complete the following Level 3 modules and attend a one day course led by MDCFT. Alternatively, you may just want to qualify in one or more of the courses for your own interest.

Level 3 Modules:

  • Parenting Under 11s
  • Parenting Teens (over 11s)
  • Supporting Families in Challenging Circumstances

Each course can stand-alone but can also be completed as part of a University Foundation Certificate or Diploma. All courses are run through Oasis College and accredited by Staffordshire University, with each course worth 15 credits and costing £300 to complete.  Link to Oasis College


• Working with Families with children under 11 (February 8th/10th, March 8th/10th, April 19th/21st )
• Working with Families with children over 11 (May 10th/12th, June 7th/9th, July 5th/7th,
• Working with Families in Challenging Circumstances (September, October, November)

Courses will run with a minimum number of 8 students. A letter of endorsement from the organisation is required before starting the course. The organisation will supervise the practical elements of working with families.

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