Parenting Teens

Let’s turn those tricky teenage years into terrific teenage years! Learn how to support parents of teens by completing our 10-15 week Parenting Over 11s training course. There will be 3 workshop days to attend and a portfolio to complete, alongside which you’ll need to gain 30 hours experience of working with parents with children over 11.

Topics covered:
  • Section 1: Theories of Teenage Development
  • Section 2: Self-Esteem and Identity
  • Section 3: Adolescents and the Family
  • Section 4: Communication and Mental Health Issues
  • Section 5: The Teenage World
  • Section 6: Solution Focused Approaches

These six topics are designed to help you to better understand the teenage world, while giving you the skills needed to offer practical advice and support to parents of over 11s.

Can’t wait to get started? Contact us for more details or to find out when the next course is running.