Family breakdown in the UK is now unacceptably serious.

We look to support people to prevent relationships from failing and to support couples and children before problems occur.

The Mid Devon Community Family Trust has been set up in line with similar initiatives in Devon, Somerset and elsewhere to help tackle this problem.

Mid-Devon Community Family Trust operates independently in the areas of Cullompton, Tiverton and the surrounding villages. It aims to support couples both in marriage preparation and throughout their marriage. In doing this it hopes to give people the skills necessary to prevent relationships reaching crisis point. It recognises the needs of the whole family and will support relationships between members of the family.

The trust aims to work in partnership with other bodies serving families such as GP’s, Health Visitors, and Counsellors, Schools, Church leaders and local politicians. The trust is a local initiative, which aims to be locally owned and supported. We aim to:

  • prepare couples for marriage
  • support couples throughout marriage
  • help develop parenting skills.

Our work is to be preventative rather than remedial for families in crisis. It is developed with the aim of strengthening all families. We aim to be a community based project and have long term aims to increase the skills we all need to make our communities emotionally and relationally literate.